Frightening Thoughts….

Life can never be straight always, from the relationship point of view; Many ask this question, One in a relationship and one single, who is much happier? I say every one is happy. This is just a parable

Day to day moves we make towards our goals encounter a lot of unexpected cuts  ahead, be it being a famous footballer in the world, singer of all time, saint of all generation, it just cant grow alone. If the world has different season, sunny, rainy seasons, winter , autumn all to cherish the life of human, besides it also faces disasters that ends life of nature.

Look around, every single second someone is blocked from pursuing the dream they have dreamnt all way back since childhood. You will be frightened many times when you see what you have to endure ahead of you is so much for you.

Sometimes you will feel like quiting the dream and change to another direction, looking to something easier to do just because you are scared, feeling shy to loose,fail but all these means you cant do anything.

When you walk and hit your leg on stone and fall down on the ground, wont you stand and move on? will you stay down because something smaller had hit you bad to the ground? obviously you will stand and move on. This is same as life, we often meet challenges on the move, running away wont solve it but rather tackling it to the end is what gives us strength.

If you never had been frightened or been occupied by frightened thoughts in life, then you have not yet started making your life work. Start now.

By Felix Alex Massinda



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