Another Year in my Calender…

Its my birthday,
Its my birthday,

I am suprised that life moves fast, Its another year with great moment for life. 24 years ago on January 15th  was born… Great care and tender form my parents covered me all days of my life.

I started to face life in the hands of my blessed parents(Thank you Mum and Dad) I was so young to know what to do with myself, you showed me the path to pass. You educated me, sent me to school and you gave me all the requirements i needed. Despite giving me all material things reqired to sustain my life since then, you gave me Love, Faith and Courage to face any hardship. I love you Mum and Dad.

Dear God, Thank you for your blessing and Love, you have protected me and gave me life, i have every reason to thank you for all people you have let in my life either good or bad. You had your intentions. You have added another year in my calender, Keep blessing me and giving me strength to worship you and be your servant forever.

Siblings and Relatives, without your help, support and care, i wouldnt be where i stand today, I would like to give my heartfelt gratitude for everything you have done to show me the best in life.

Without forgeting my friends out there, i thank you for always being there in good and bad moments, you never abandoned me, however,we might have had some differences, i apologize to whoever i have wronged and have forgiven whoever wronged me.

Despite the challenges and failures i have had in the past years, i wont let them come in again May God Bless me… Bless me to live Thousand Years…


Happy Birthday to me…

Happy Birthday to me…

Happy Birthday Dear Felix

Happy Birthday to me…



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