“Can’t do it”

For many years, i used to be reluctant to some of activities, mostly those i never tried to do. Despite having back up, i never believed i could attempt anything i wanted to do and making it perfect.
What always came to my mind was ” I CAN’T DO IT” again, why people do thingz that you cant even imagine people could. Around us: we have different kinds of challenges, i dont usually call them problems because thats what makes us stronger.
Look around, how many successful people live their life , ask yourself why are they succesful? Are so blessed like us? So lucky to the rest of us?
It’s absolutely not true, we are all equal to chances of improving ourselves but again… how many times have you ever been feeling i am the only unique existing person in the world. No one can ever be like you…
If you have ever had such a feeling, itz a good start to changing your life. What else do we need. Self esteem is what needed to prove your inner part to be strong…
I urge you all the “I CAN’T DO IT” philosophy does not exist in our life… everysingle person can stand alone and shape our lives. Delete the I CAN’T DO IT in your mind and make yourself successful, YOU CAN DO IT.


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