I don`t live my dream…I am happy

My childhood age; is something i wont ever dare to forget. It is the age children make a lot of dreams and vision about we wanted to do with our lives( i believe everyone had been there) well i testify to be one of those children today.

I was exposed to different life situations in my family and the society around me. As my age was not well mature to evaluate different circumstances deeply, i lived happily and accepting all the given my parents provided.

Later on, as i grow up, being not alone among the group of many children who made a lot of dream to have when we grow up, i had this dream of helping people and bring equality in the society and that was taking law in the future.

Struggling to find whats the best for me and people i intended to help i mean being a humanitarian, my mind changed despite i pursued law already: Situations of life made me pursue something else quite different from what i have studied. Serving poeple who cant help themselves. finding ways to bring joy and happines in their lives; practically serving people, going to their society and know what are the needs and i be their voice in the world. This is the dream or  a new version of my dream. Despite i liked the first dream so much, i find it easier and happy serving lives and make changes in their lives.

Well; This story or testimony whatever you can call it;  I decide to write it down because i believe a lot of us(like me) dont really do what we have ever before promised our hearts to do when we grow up. We have dreamed to pilots, presidents, managers, having our own companies. It reaches a moment we deviate from what we dreamed of and find ourselves attached to do something else totally.

The question is Why do we change?

I find it convincing that our societies changes everyday form eithe better to worse or vice versa, and us being out there we see these changes and desire to make changes to make society the better place, be it because of the certain situation affected you in the past, your mind is now open to see whats the best for the community or Change carrier because of financial reason. All might be reasons to deviate, if you ask me I dont care if i diverged from my dream or not, what i know is i am doing the right thing and i am happy about it.

By Felix Alex Massinda.


One thought on “I don`t live my dream…I am happy

  1. Am touched,a lot of dreams dont come true around here,not because these young stars loose focus but mostly because of different challenges that life brings and they can’t be avoided.

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