Beggar`s life.

I wake up in the morning and all i think off is horn and car passing by me at the middle of the roads, movements that i always see, nothing changes. same meal i have everyday, no specific place to shelter. I sleep by the roads, in market i wonder if my life will ever change.

I cant see, i am blind since birth, i have no family to look after me… i wonder alone with my stick to direct me where to step and where not to. despite showing myself to the community being a beggar who needs help, no one cares. i dont loose hope though.

My life moves on, sitting in between the roads everyday, begging for help, i get a thousand or two a day for my daily meal,no saving for life. I see people loosing hope everyday, sad, confused, irritated. from my point of view i think they have all the life will ever need, good houses, cars, money, family! but whats all that without happiness in the house?

Sometimes at life, i find it easy and Happy having life and be contented with it no matter what i have or dontbhave at all. i have accepted who i am. A blind poor guy who sits in between roads asking for money, if i get i thank God otherwise, its all life. This is all i can manage to do, i have no education, no money to support me . what else can i do rather Thanking God for life he has granted me.

I know you might definitely be thinking what kind of life this is? Look around you… How many people you see around everyday need help? People who cant help themselves like those who are blind,deaf,crippled, no education, yet no money or any kind of support from anyone.

You happen to have almost all you have ever dreamed of. What do you do to help those who need help?

This is a challenge i bring before you, what do you do to make the society be a friend of everyone? i mean making it the better place? You have that chance now, be the change, dont wait untill its too late… we can not live with that guilty

By Felix Massinda


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