My BiRtH

I heard it coming

I grabbed the strings to make me stay

Inside my mother felt safe and sound

But my birth had to come

I wondered when is my time

Felt all the agony my mother`s face

I can hear cries of innocent people

Is my birth so important?

I cried in my mother`s hands to let her hold me

Thought it could be forever,

I was wrong

Started walking and bubbling

Wasn’t stable until I realize

I had to grow up.

My moves followed the instinct

Defining my destination wasn’t lined

On the contrary I decided

My heart to burden by aired breath

Didn’t care the consequences

Had to move on

I tidy  evils for devil`s wish

To snap out heartedly I survived

Wished my birth to delay

It was too late

Born again feels horrible

Considering the experience

Wanna be born again

Thinking of something new

I invented life of love into corruption

Evil was my road ,my birth killed morals

Destructed made, constructed burnt

Didn’t care my will

Die or live was everyday song

So saint I was

I wonder what took me

Snatched out of the york

Call of me gathered all

For no for no reason they cheered

My judgment is final

The time changed to initials.

Was my birth honored?

Why now feel no embraced?

Call me angel of unexpected

Will change my being for millions

Attitude called positives

I gained it all, had it all

My Birth counts

By Felix Massinda.


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