Too Young to Die

Hard times are coming

the beginning of the battle

soon you must tie your shoe lace

many comes with the same aim

shooting for your replacement

fighting is the sole way

i’m still too young to die



poorly the light of the future burns

ashes block our eyes

who is to clean the mess, the roads to clean

remain of the veterans,claim for their rights

their wishes and ambition died right after

who is to take the dying wishes to paradise?

im still too young to die



whoever tried, ended up in hands of the few

no democracy and rights to live

choices are made by strong people

that we follow what they say

they become fat for our works

production of our own we get nothing out of it

who is to protect our production?

i’m still to young to die


few take offices for the hidden interests

education look for a patriot to take

no one seems strong,to take it to the field

it is being used for personal stuff

is it really the meaning of it

tree fruits encourages many

knowing  not that they are seasonally

many brave minds are blocked , who is to unblock them?

im still too young to die


some strength died for many blood

spirits that left them have no home

looking for a succesor   no one comes

fear of death engrave our rights

corrupt of leaders ,poverty prevails

revolution is the solution

new faces on the island,.save us all

who is to take us all into that island?

i’m still too young to die.

By Felix Massinda.


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