Thank you 2012… Happy New Year 2013

To you my fans…

I can not thank you enough for supporting my blog in 2012, liking my page on facebook either. It is been a rough and tough year i know, each one of you had their plans to achieve at the end of year yet you gave out your hands to support others, getting to know people around you, being social. Thank you

We now begin 2013, im glad i start with you again supporting each other in different way, learning and sharing all knowledge and experiences we(i) have. Without you, i could not be able to do anything even publish my blog in 2012. Thank you in advance…

In my 2013, its my plan not to leave anyone behind in assisting each other whenever one needs help, its convincing to push each other to success and never let anyone feel isolated.

Motivation is aspiration everyone need in different way and in different positions, it does not matter how wealthy or poor you are, it does not matter how happy or angry you are at life sometimes,it does not matter what people talk about you or put fingers in your face saying you are not good enough. I have many of those who do nothing to their own lives yet keep poking others. Those who have defined their purpose will not care about them at all, because they live their life despite the obstacles and challenges, they know their direction.

To those few who have not defined the course of their lives yet, feeling scared at times, incompetent, not able to view their views and requesting to what they want… You still can give a shot and become strong and living your purpose… All you need to do is living you life and follow your heart…

Whatever your heart tells you to do and you feel comfortable to do it, go for it. I tell you, many will put loops not for you to succeed, At the end of the day you are the one to make the evaluation and say i have achieved. If you want something, go get it dont let people tell you your not good enough, its not their call to make, its yours.

Lastly: I would be happy to wish you A HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR 2013.

By Felix Massinda.


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