I`m Concerned

Early in the morning, walking around

Leaving my job just looking at the weather

Seeing the view of the land and the color of the sky

Arriving at the office at the time of closing

I am concerned with my responsibility


My works are done by the secretary

Postponing the meetings with unnecessary reasons

Was my manner of doing job

Promisless papers, fill my office only with hopes to do them

I am too concerned with my leadership


People wait for the construction of roads

People wait for wells of water

People wait for the establishment of hospitals

People wait for their needs to be done

All of their usage is underneath my leadership

I am too concerned with my mechanism


Attending wedding, ceremonies was my timetable

Leaving all public needs behind

A cry of the people ended in the hands of the secretary

Leisure’s, luxurious life, parting is my life

I can`t say I am not concerned with my life


written by Felix Alex Massinda


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