Indefinable wave?

Is it my name?

My life?

Is it me

Or the in me?

Is it hatred that makes you hate

That brings close?

Is it fate or destiny


Does it matter?
Cause me be you
And I be us
 Does it mean that hate still pushes you to jail me in your heart?

No, hate and you

You and hate

Both of us with hate

Does it close our eyes?

Why hatred,

 why you?
 Why do you come between us
 Why  do you want me to be defined and re-defined
 I don’t wanna be that person again
 I wanna be someone else who looks at the picture of life and death and say it
 Roughly I want revulsion because want be detested for you
 I get it
 Came and
 Take along me contentment
 Leisure of my sentiment
 Sterile my past
 Making it all new
 It`s just hatred
 The reason of life

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