Be Happy for Once…

I once said, i am not going to love and be loved anymore, i used to hide myself in the corner of the house trying to be happy and make myself contented…avoiding whoever wanted to be close to me. I did never want to tell anyone, well that was the mistake, running away from love. I know i am not the only one out there who doubted the existence of love. i tried to deny the help of friends even their definition of love. All this happened because i was so scared… how many of you have ever been hurt? i mean really hurt? like being cheated, or left by your loved ones?

Well this is my story, i was once in love really in love, with the help of love, i was able to achieve things i never thought i could do by myself. i attempted mighty things and was happy, even times i had nothing but the word of love made me stronger.

As life is never straight, the love i embraced with all my heart got stuck into someone else heart. i was hurt, i found my heart and moved on. there is a saying that says “Fool me once, you are idiot, Fool me twice i am idiot” this applies when i secondly fall in love with another girl who later on came to move out with a friend of mine and i said its over. It was so scary to love someone else again, so i decided to stay alone for quite sometimes, it was really fun and happy life. i lied to myself that, yes this is life i do what i want and be where i wanna be with no one to ask me. But later on i felt alone and not complete,,, i started being occupied with thoughts of being a player just hit and run, though that was never practiced. i stayed lonely and scared for quite sometime.

One morning, i decided to start Chatting to friends and be out there with them, being social though i was not real. i came to realize that, we don`t look or find love but Love finds us. I came to talk to someone( Who is now my girlfriend [ Elle] ) She was nice to me and loving, she calmed me down and make whole again, from the way she talks to me, taking good care of me. I started to remove all the bad thoughts about love and being hurt again . We both felt in love and we are now happy together, despite her being my girlfriend, she is my best friend.

I know us, some of you will start thinking negatively to why i have decided to write this down while its kinder personal. No, I write this because i have learned a lesson out of it.

Sometimes we get scared to attempt doing something new because we were once hurt or failed to achieve, we decide to isolate ourselves from the societies pretending to be bust for nothing. We have a lot of opportunities to grab and be successful but we dont do that because we are afraid of failure and being hurt. i tell you The only road to successful is having heroic hurt to take whatever is out there, try something new and speak out. Speak your mind and let other people in your life to help you see your purpose. Find comfort when you dont have one.

I am happy with mylife and i am not scared anymore. Thanx to my bestfriend Elle.

Life worth trying, Go out there and make the most out of it.

By Felix Massinda.


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