Power od Decision

Who had ever though that a decision can make a life? who had ever thought of independent decision to be the sharpest point for development?

This is it, the life of every individual is composed of different thought that move in every one`s mind day after day be it for reach people, poor people or of any kind, a decision is what make life of different people.

What is it that successful people have to be in kind of life they are in, what is it that poor people lack to have less? what is it that make people move on?

Every single decision that you make counts in your future because it what make you to miles away or make you become stagnant…

What do we need to move miles away and become successful? A mind that is adaptive and eager to face different scenarios of life no matter what comes along gets itself a better position to learn and to know the decision that will make him/her move mountains.

The power of decision is the ability of a person to think of a better think/ scenario that make him or her achieve the goals set. It`s in our power to decide what our life will be, it is in our power to make our lives unique. It`s us who will make changes in us and other people`s lives but it has to start with you!

Don’t ever let people decide what your life what will be, don’t ever let people put a finger in your life and tell you cannot do this or that, if you find what you worthy go get it no matter how hard it is. only the power of decision can take you far.

Decide and make it happen if it`s in your power, don’t ever let the moment passes you by and regret later. it is your life no one will ever want you to pay for something you have done in your life, period.

Written by Felix Alex Massinda


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