Patience Counts…

Who said life is gonna be easy, who said nature is gonna provide us all the items we need, shelter,food,cloth,happiness ah ah nothing on earth can provide you with all this jeweller of life if we won’t see its importance!!!
I once though in my lifetime that I wasn’t good enough,starting in school u all know we do wait for exams results and your name comes last almost all the time? Huh
We keep longing for it thinking you are the last because u aren’t in the front line!!! It happens in life sometimes that all that we need is someone to tell us how good enough we are to take the trophy but if even to those that you expected those kinda words from aren’t saying anything!!! Are you gonna give up? Stop calling your dreams every night you sleep? No that’s not what we are supposed to do!!!
Success is a process that you have to go through to get where you wanna be, winning isn’t just a word! Its a battle that we all have to sucrifice part of our lives for something that worth our happiness!
So as to win, we need patience in our heart,we need to be strong enough to wait!!! Take an example of a tree no matter how many times seasons change,summer,rain. It gets dry and healthy but It never stop growing strong!!! It never moves but still standing still.
We all have to hold on to our dreams no matter how many challenges come along, no matter how many people will discourage you, no matter how many times we fail because failing isn’t the end of everything its just a step to winning!!!
We need to be patient for ourselves to be strong for our lives!!!

Written by Felix Alex Massinda


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