Living a life…

The feeling of incompetency is not new to each and every one mostly when we meet people who we feel they are much more brilliant than we are, it’s a feeling that cut us short to looking at life in bright side of success. If we mistakenly let this feeling overcome our life desire to have better future in right way I believe every one has that feeling we are out of the game

Living a life doesn’t mean let people tell you or feed your mind with their ideas and life plans they have for them to make their life complete, its not about listen people arrange how your life should be!!! Living a life means making yours complete and stop being subordinate to other peoples lives for everyone has gut to expect lot more in the future.

Its many times that we think our lives are bound with many other ahead of us, but I tell you today, our lives are in our hands today. All that people tell you are item that will disturb you to be stronger in your decision.

Life is too short to start looking for someone to blame, stand firm and make a sacrifice for your better future. No one deserve to live poor!!! We all deserve the better future. If you cant sacrifice for yourself then who will? Start living a life…

Written by Felix Alex Massinda.


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