How do you know if you are living your real life purpose right now?

How do you know if you are living your real life purpose right now? Simple ? If you are not living your everyday life full of exuberation, energy, passion and love, you are not living your real purpose. What is your purpose in life? What is the meaning of our existence? Depending on your upbringing, you will have different answers to this question. These answers may have been inculcated in you at some point by other people, or you may have arrived at the answers yourself in your own ways. If you are an average output of today?s society, your purpose may be to be a good person, get married, stay out of trouble and contribute to the society at some arbitrary point in life. If you are generally just jaded with life, your purpose may be to take whatever life throws at you everyday and ultimately wait to physically die. The purpose of life is a perpetual question which has eluded mankind since our existence. What is it? Why are we here? As lifeforms on earth, do all of us have the same singular purpose or do we have different purposes? If there is one true purpose, why are there different religions advocating different purposes? Is someone wrong then? Who is right and who is wrong? But how can so many other people be wrong? Do you know your purpose? Why are you here on earth, right now? Have you ever lived life in a flurry, only to look back, wondering the meaning of your existence?
By Felix Massinda!


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