My Life in Poetry ( Part One)

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I was told that in life you can’t make it alone

I believed and I was deeply immersed in such notice

My thoughts got caught up in the moment

Since then I became a victim, a victim of other people’s world

I totally forgot that life is independently owned

And success is through ones effort and determination


Not long ago when I realized I had lost my future for being so coward

Coward to listen to people’s fear of life and go along with it

Listen to what others said about life and made them my life

Not quite possible to move on alone I said

I was wrong, wrong to live under their shadow

Stay with them, live with them, laugh at the same joke

Eat same food and wear same clothes

I was in the dark



One night, one night when I got back from school

School that taught me a lot in the beginning but never told life is individually owned

Leaving such stage to another and I was told I couldn’t do it all alone

Disappointment’s, and anger embarked my heart, breathing heavily I did

 Confused and scared little boy I said, it’s enough, enough of all it



Enough of living other people’s life and decided to live my own

Tired of stepping on other people’s fear and started facing my own

I understood the hardship I was to go through

Yet I felt strength pursuing what I wanted to achieve

Struggled through myself in the dark not seeing myself in college

Was the fear I had for my life to end there

To be Continued….

Written by Felix Massinda

A Single Step….

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I have learnt so many lessons in my life… The greatest of all is maintaining focus of our own goals.
I was told the first step is the hardest and today i have approved such word to be true. At the begining of an independent life, i used to be lonely and a stressed freak, eventually i learned how to control myself…. At such point when everything you have planned and arranged consecutively, to follow a certain sequence of your life routine fails its when you realize that life is a random street although that should be an encouragement to making more efforts and learn a lot making your goals a reality.

Look around how many people live their life’s goals? You can be one of them. Start being strong and focused now. Remember ” the journey of a thousand miles started with a single step”
Start now or fever live in your shadow.

A better Place….

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Responsibility is word we use to make us see and take care of what is in hand and possible to be made visible, the question is what responsibility do you hold?

We strive by asking donation for Orphans, we see how hard life is for them yet people kill children or throw them in toilets, is this how we are taught to love?

We tend to think we love and care yet we let children cross the roads alone, endanger their lives in front of our eyes. Let disabled live hard life, beg besides the road some send their children to bed for their day to day meal. Is this the better world we are creating?

Its time now we realize our responsibility towards making our world the better place, care for children , love ourselves and help each other. Taking life for a life won’t bring peace and harmony but chaos in our world.

Life is more precious when love lead the way not hate and war . We need each other and become one, through this, the world will be better for all of us.

I am Ready to Give Up

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I’ve been told and hear a lot of negativity

Walked alone on the road that’s too hard to live for

Yet I stood still despite the storm that almost took my strength

Scared? I’ve lived with fear of my own trials, failing my own designs


 I was ready to stop everything and walk away, ready to give up

I am now ready to give up my fear and face my  life strongly than ever before

I am ready to give up, give up the mask worn in the past and embrace the reality

I  ready to give up quitting and stepping up


Life is more precious when having your principles

Happiness is the only gift a man can embrace forever and yield in it.


I am ready to give up everything for the sake of my happiness and my life.

You should do the same.

Written by Felix Massinda


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Nine words it consists,
But greatness it carries.
Think how a mother
Let’s go of many things
Just for the well being of her loved ones…
And so it was written
In Holy Books
The Creator had given his Son to Pay for the sins of Humans..
It may seem to be very little for you..
But a major step in someone else’s history.
The little things we do
Let us do them in great Love,Care and Concern
So that we can put smiles on other faces.
It may take a pint of sand to Complete ones Life…

Written by Caren Costa

I shall forever live me…


It has happened in many scenarios in life that we admire other people’s lives and at times spend most of our free times reading, blogging, researching and updating ourselves about them, It’s a good thing that we have people around to inspire us and show us that everything is possible.

Despite the physical assurance that everything is possible we are not willing to change and live the life we all most desire. Desire to live a happy life, be content with little we have.

The truth about it is despite how many times we try to live as how others have inspired us, life will always be different.

Learn, understand  and live your dream… Our lives are our responsibility. Be creative, content and accept the level of life we are, strive hard to make your life’s dream a reality, without such courage to pursue our own dreams and make the path of our lives visible, we will always be blinded by the same dreams in our hands.

Its time to realize that One can only live a life differently from another despite the alikeness.

Say it aloud “ I can only live me and forever I shall cherish its beauty”

Written by Felix Massinda

Mines’ taken

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Love lots of love likes

Likes give love lots

Hands full to an empty bucket

The hold goes to an anonymous feeling

Realization of it gives a separate freedom

Whose holds gives love?

Attached reasons is a hollow fantasy

Its truth goes by the unwritten words

Steps behind the scene affect the root that holds the lie

The blush of the leaf goes by the wind

Its strength pushes away the fear

The promise of the dumb is by gestures

Studying the world by the eyes

His sharp mind tells the details

Whose blindness inquires the details?

At last dumbness and blindness gives clue to indecisive moves

Affection of the impaired leads to the last stand.

Written by Felix Alex Massinda

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