The Beauty of Your Heart

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I stretch my hands at a distance

Hoping to reach your hand

I look at you from a distance

Hoping to catch your beauty

I let my heart open

For you to require no code

Looking at you before I sleep

Waking up next to you

Dream about you when I am with you

Peace with you is a life I need to live with you


So many things might have come along

Shaking the walls of our love

Destroy the colors of the heart

Kills the light we have built for years

I won’t let that happen

I belong to you


I am yours even when the world turns black

Won’t matter a bit if you take all of me

Because alone I am incomplete

The part of me that needs your presence

Is bigger than I expected

You have concurred my heart

With the beauty of your smile

Tender care and beauty heart

I am yours


I would stand in a crowd

With your love, I shall still

Manifesting it all

Shy shall never prevent me

For all strength I have come from you

I shall always be grateful


Together we are composed

Within ourselves we fit every bit

The loudness of the world becomes our strength

And the waves of all shall set us a way

Attached hearts we are

Inseparable we are

Within the love we shine

Forever is our life

For a family we are strong

For eternity we are one.

Written by Felix Massinda

A better Tomorrow

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I wouldn’t be here if I had not moved

It doesn’t matter how fast or slow

Catching up with my dreams is what keeps me strong

Every days has it edge

Challenges are what makes it interesting

And winning is what keeps us going

Never stop or give up

Tomorrow will always be different

Have heart, stay strong.


Written by Felix Massinda

A Windy Day

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It is too windy today

Houses swings

trees fall down

Ocean waves are too strong

The world is shaking


The natural causes are scary

no ways to stop rather being strong ourselves

our lives are in danger, children are dying

no good shelter for them

tomorrows leaders lose hope

The Country is shaking


Yet we have a chance

chance to leave all that behind

With effective decision

and free our souls

to wonder in pastures

with no life to lose

with one voice


We had to build a castle

yet we made mad house

with roof made of grass

which is not even resistant to rain

and strong natural calamities

Nonetheless we claim that’s freedom.



Written by Felix Massinda

Medicine of the Soul



Photo | Walter Kimaro

For every thought of a human being
There is a need of being happy
Every struggle soul wonders to seek happiness
Every person on earth deserves to be happy

Happiness isnt something you can touch
Isnt something you can buy
Its not seen, and cant be bought
Forgetting what we are
We tend looking for it in other people

Happiness is in every person’s ability
To either live it or hide it
We cant find it in shops
Not to mention in hospitals
It is the medicine of the soul

And it all start with a smile
Maintain a positive attitude
Live good with people
Help the need
Give yourself a favor
Smile for as long as you can
As for your life to prosper
You need to make that garden in your heart
And makesure it stay healthy for eternity
Keep your smile healthy.

Purity of the Heart


Purity of Heart

Photo | Unknown

It is with purity of heart faith stands

Firmly to believe that life has a life

Not to mentioned the disguised feeling we all have

But the point of arguing with conscience we become wise

Sweetness of pain is enduring with a smile

Courage to stand to the end

With the vision we win the heart


Great risk is playing cards on the broken table

Throwing whistles on the dying  dog

Loyal might still be, slowly dying within

Hardship is the best exam to everyone to stand with their minds

Letting them wonder flew away with good fortunes


Never let the desert be the loop

Nor the smoke to choke you down

Always have the courage

Until the end


Written by Felix Massinda

The Definition


Photo | Walter Kimaro
Its denial to contradict the sides you live in
not to mention the doors to your own life
Its not about everything but one thing that you are good at
Ability to stand on your shadow and still play the part
The part of your own arguments while believing you are not alone
The rumble of your heart would embrace nothing but the beauty
Not of what has been described but that of your own appreciation
Its easier to lock one door today and open another one tomorrow
but closing both would jeopardize the treasure
Treasure that you alone can not stand against
Undefined truth is always the best light
When you accept the colors of the rainbow
They would say you have to choose
choose between sides, sides that define you
and until you make that clear every one wont be your enemy
it is easier to pretend and live unconsciously happy
Or ignoring the said facts and remain with your own
Whatever the man says defiles him, same goes with thoughts
Engraving the beauty in your heart avails you
Standing in between your sides appraises you
and awarding your efforts glitters you.
Ability to stand through your storms defines you
It is a blessing to blend in with a purpose
Its nothing of value until you know your definition




Written by Felix Massinda

Unprecedented Love

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There comes another day

Another time with same dejavu

Things in your head that seems same

Nothing much has been done

Not much to do neither


Your thoughts becomes you

With enough on your shoulder

You know you can’t hold off

Because they define you

Make you who you are

Gives you a privilege

To keep standing firm


Despite being tired

The bond gives you strength

Though facing problems

Still they make you strong

And happy

Its irony isn’t it?


But that’s the definition to becoming real

Never be broken for nothing

Love them, show them

It is love we hold, share and live

Keep smiling

Written By Felix Massinda

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