I wouldn’t be here…

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I wouldnt be here if i waited
Wouldnt be here if i followed other people
Wouldnt be here if i gave up
Wouldnt even show up here if i stopped believing in me

Success is hard work
Nothing easy earned will stay longer
Rather hard work pays enough
Start planting ideas and hard work
One morning, sunshine will be your guest
Life time smile will stay up for eternity
Stay determined, stay focused

Written by Felix Massinda.

My Heart


My heart cries for you
Needs your words agaist mine
As you are growing in my hands
I love you like love itself
Words arent enough
Even if I would fill the world with them
Standing beside you I shall, untill the end of time
Seeing you growing with me is my dream come true.
Forever i shall cherish
The genuine laughter and smiles that brightens our days
And live in our hearts forever.

Written by Felix Massinda

Black Dawn

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Wind blowing from the sea
Trees are swinging to enjoy the weather
Along inline they follow changes
With a good sound of leaves singing
To rejoice the awaited day…
Darkness still covers the earth
Birds are singing together
Yet it doesn’t save the world
Still remains the same, all day long.

Written by Felix Massinda.

Until then…

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Life is seem so disturbing at times 
Times when you wonder of it 
Today brings you happiness 
Tomorrow brings you sorrow 
And next thing brings you confusion 

One the right spot, we stand believing 
This is where i belong and on the other hand 
Doubts are over you, standing in front of you 
Proving you wrong that you are not right 

Things you’ve ever believed evaporates 
Stands you have always had disappear 
Strength you have had evaporates 
And the future you have always seen becomes dark. 

On that the same ring, u have a reason 
A reason to live for yet its not enough 
Lots of loops blocks you 
From seeing clearly the way 
Diverge you and takes you out of focus 
All these happen so fast 
You get lost out of no where 

You become stuck in that wilderness 
Trying every possible way to regain the purpose 
Solving every solution to maintain status 
Out in the open while from within 
Is a bunch of miscalculations and wrong decisions 
Wastage of time and lost hope 
Yet no many choices come out in the open 
The only one ahead and in handy is 
Hanging in there until then…

Written by Felix Massinda

Farewell Comrade

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How do I breathing for no beam, no me?
How do I say no to myself when time gets rough?
Wasn’t so certain of my happiness and worth to be this way
If it wasn’t having you around, nothing would mean anything.

It`s been beautiful when we talked and giggled
My pursuit of happiness and value of friendship
Wasn’t so hard to find as I have you in me.
Had I have choices wouldn’t let this time come around

We lived the moments together
We shared love and crazy times
You treated with thoughtfulness, can`t pay more rather giving my love
It felt peaceful in my heart when you are around
Nothing could make me unless you said no

Its time I have to go and its time I can`t face it no more
What you have been to me is more than what I’m trying to inscribe
You were there when I needed you
You gave me unconditional love
You are a friend I won’t forget in my complete life
You are a friend I value a lot
I can`t say more
I love you and forever you will be in my heart
You are a friend, that have chosen my life over yours
I do the same.
You will always be in my heart, farewell my friend.

Written by Felix Massinda.

My Life in Poetry ( Part Three)



One night, as darkness covered the world

With no weird sights

Tired of breathing for someone else

Sending out flares of tears

Holding into a dying hope of living

Anxiously waiting for the morning


A watch wasn’t helping

Time stopped as my heartbeat

Breathless I was, with fear of reaching out

Reaching to the world that I had set in my fantasy world

Skinned and scared little boy I was

Working in the middle of gunmen

Worried if a brighter day was to come

Before a bullet through my heart



Torn were my clothes

With a strangled faith in my hand

No clue a life wouldn’t be equal to any of its size

I mean if a life is life should be life for everyone

Of course it is, but the course of such life

Is set on different course to follow

All at once with objectives

Fall to cross on the lines set to surpass



Mine was close, close to morning

A morning of hope and beautiful dreams

Was a package full of life wisdom and hope

A sunrise that passed through the beat of a heart

That pumped blood to setting the rest free


Next day was remarkable

Putting biro on desk with lots of movements

Different styles with Fashion

Arguments and discussions that put out of place

Not knowledged I was, scared to walk in

 join and learn, learn to stand alone


Eventually, a dream came true

And that was the truth

Truth to a promised life out of the box

That could easily set a chosen path by fate

Scrambled safely with  noises and yet it was beautiful

Beauty that still shines in me until today.

To be continued….

Written By Felix Massinda

My Life in Poetry ( Part Two)

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On the morning of Saturday

I took the form without a single penny for college application fee

Thinking I had enough ink yet plainly my mind became

Every thought of a future life became blank and black

Still I had no second thoughts, weighing myself back was the last thing in my mind


Next thing I recall, I was shaking, sweating, and scared

Scared of how I was going to go college, no support, no external push

Alone I was but with a strong voice inside saying "Everything will be alright"

I was like a weakest wild animal born in the midst of lions

With a crawl and harshness of them just made me sit and wait

Wait for whatever and decided "Come what may"


I stood up, looked for options

Options to move out, work out, find out

Where my biggest strength lied

Lied within me and I had to see myself in my own reflections

Found my vision graduating college while sitting on the beach

With a picture of the ocean in front of me just made me confused

Confused of the way, what I saw was plenty of water

I am not Jesus and couldn’t walk on water


Employment was a way out

Out of all misery yet with such educational credential there was no way I could have

Could have got a job enough to pay all my bills

Day to day needs, school fees, accommodation, food yet sustain me well

Alone I had to, I had to move along with myself

At that moment I had to be my own best friend


Temporary work I got, gave me less than enough

Was important though as choice was not in my pocket

Running through the city walking

At any point in time the job required

Made me flexible at testing every part of weather the world could give

Sunny, rainy were with me everyday


Next stop was out of the city as per requirement

Had to work with people In my brothers age

Was so young to be exploited into any terms of life

Drinking, smoking weed, clubbing and got wasted

While them doing so, I had courage to stand in my beliefs

Saving for college.

To be continued……

Written by Felix Massinda


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