Your Dreams + Determination + Choices = your life.

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keep going turtles

I have seen so many distracted people who initially had the very positive goals towards changing their lives, i understand that life has been so hard to most of us but i never allowed it to give me a reason to give up.

During my college period, my life had a purpose to complete my degree as we all are and that`s the main reason why we go to college rights? In 2009 i enrolled in a linguistic class here in Tanzania. My class had only 300 hundred students from different regions who were brough together by education, nevertheless each one of them had his/her life to take care of.

Well by then nothing seemed do right, we are human so we basically face a lot of challenges to making us stronger. It reached a moment, i though of quitting the college for sure and at that moment one of classmate had done that already so i decided to stay though life was so hard.

I came a cross an article of Nelson Mandela “Our deepest fear”

Our deepest

I thought twice of what was my biggest fear and i realized that i was afraid of my own life, i was afraid to handle because some of other people had abandoned and i though in some ways maybe the road i have chosen was so perfect. Then i heard a call from my cousin sis and she told, “ God gives us what we can handle”  then i realized that no matter what happens My life will always be my life, i can not be so afraid to pursue what i want and find ways to make it all alive because of other people`s thought.

I started making my own choices and have my life, despite that life was not so pleasing but it was fun, i had to do what i wanted to do at anytime of my choice.

Start where you are - use what you have - Do what you can - Arthur Ashe

I then made my life my best friend, i never thought of giving up and at that moment, i realized how far a mind can go when you determine to achieve something and make use of your life.

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The life we live is the only gift given to oneself by God, never let any circumstance destroy your dream, set your goals, pursue them if they all go against every one around you, as long as they are your own dreams make them colorful.

Life is too short, never give up on your dreams.

Written by Felix Massinda

Priceless smile..

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A smile is priceless however it plays big role is someone’s life. It creates the sense of confidence, happiness, consistency, steadiness and stability.

Every human goes through different of in the same journey of life. Some choose to travel,start a family… But it’s all life with challenges. We might in one way or the other  think other people’s lives worth more than ours.

I tell you no, everyone has his/her own challenges in life, despite them, some seem very happy and comfortable  because they wear smiles on their faces everyday… Why can’t you be happy?

smile is priceless but it’s symbol is very expensive.

Wear a smile and rock your world.

They cannot make you but yourself…

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14 - 1 (5)

Sometimes life gives us lesson to test our patience and knowledge to see how far we are willing to go. It gives us hardship and rejection where we felt loved, makes us feel alone and worthless, unimportant to everyone around us.

All that had made me strong, gave strength to carefully choose my own steps, taught me that someone`s life is never attached to anyone, despite having people around who some might want to boss you around, take your life away from you; Fortunately, we all have conscience to guide us through all of trouble, happiness, and all of the sort life can bring.

Its time to understand all the lesson and accept the challenges, learn something new everyday, be positive, never judge yourself or compare your being with someone else.

We all are unique and different, despite sharing common and some interest, hobbies but we are not the same.

Choose the road less travelled and life ahead will be without regret.



Written by Felix Massinda.

Color your attitude…

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A new day, new plans to success. Keep you attitude positive towards  every plan.

Many get distracted with little challenges and forget their targets of the day.

Keep calm, maintain your positive attitude and your day will be perfect.

Strength is Life

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Make your life your best friends. 

How to become successful in business

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bs With a trend of unemployment in the world of which the trends for 2012 show that 74.8 million youth aged 15 – 24 are unemployed in 2011, In a country like Tanzania where the government trends show unemployment rate stood at 11.7 percent in 20012 from 10.7 percent in 2011.

At such rapid increase of unemployment disease, versus rapid increase of intellectual who actually finish colleges and universities education every year; Youth are engaging themselves with Entrepreneurship which seems to be the only rescue boat towards success.

To most of them who have successfully won at such hard circumstances, people like Patrick Ngowi and many other who have motivated youth and assured them that everything is possible if you put your mind into it.

I agree with such advice yet I take it as a challenge otherwise, It is appropriate to take things personal at times when you want to raise the bars of you success. Managing a thought is different from owning one. Many youth are carried with entrepreneurship and want to become as successful as those who have climbed the mountains already.

In my humble opinions, despite having entrepreneurship as a life saver in this juncture, you need to start a business that you`re passionate about, something that pushes your heart to do, not just a business.

People who succeed and still are in the line of success are doing what their heart desires, a business that is profit oriented are not staying in market for a long time because they lose efficiency and determination and obviously, they cannot stand competitive market out there.

"Business that goes extra miles are built of passion, efficiency and integrity"

Written by Felix Massinda

Men by Maya Angelou

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When I was young, I used to

Watch behind the curtains

As men walked up and down the street. Wino men, old men.

Young men sharp as mustard.

See them. Men are always

Going somewhere.

They knew I was there. Fifteen

Years old and starving for them.

Under my window, they would pauses,

Their shoulders high like the

Breasts of a young girl,

Jacket tails slapping over

Those behinds,


One day they hold you in the

Palms of their hands, gentle, as if you

Were the last raw egg in the world. Then

They tighten up. Just a little. The

First squeeze is nice. A quick hug.

Soft into your defenselessness. A little

More. The hurt begins. Wrench out a

Smile that slides around the fear. When the

Air disappears,

Your mind pops, exploding fiercely, briefly,

Like the head of a kitchen match. Shattered.

It is your juice

That runs down their legs. Staining their shoes.

When the earth rights itself again,

And taste tries to return to the tongue,

Your body has slammed shut. Forever.

No keys exist.

Then the window draws full upon

Your mind. There, just beyond

The sway of curtains, men walk.

Knowing something.

Going someplace.

But this time, I will simply

Stand and watch.


In Memory of Maya Angelou

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