We are all human after all.

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Within one thing we all forget in life is that we are all human and equal. We all have one thing in common we all die when our time comes.


It is no different to every human being, we all breath as a sign of being alive. There is no point of thinking that you may be superior than the other human next to you.

Our time in the world is unknown for us to start bullying those who are weak, no time for war because of superiority, no time to take lives thinking that you are better than other.

Everyone’s life has a purpose in the world. Taking that away stops other people to benefit and cherish that life after all we all live once.


I am calling upon all nations, to realize that we are all human and we are no important than the others despite of wealthy.

We all need a happy life to cherish, a happy ending to face, with hope and courage, maintaining peace and harmony in the world. It is an absolute proof that we are all human who want to live happily.


A white night.


With all strifes

Still strong I stand

My head high

Ready for any storm to face

With no regret after all


Life itself is a challenge

As we all are human

The times of pushing only comes when a need is gone

Yet we surround ourselves with reasons

Maybe it was meant to be

Or am I a chosen one…


Well believe it or not

Choosing or not choosing

Is us who decide where we need to be.

After all we all need a night to enlighten.

Grow up to be the Person you want to be.


We are 7 Billion people in the world, One world with so many ambitions people make everyday. People choose their paths and make them visible for the world see and that`s when some find their role modals, people that inspire us in some ways, but again there are those whose lives will be discouraging what others are doing everyday.

We can`t avoid such people in our lives, they live with us, eat with us, play with us and even pray with us. We are all placed in the same swimming pool, we share the water and we cant avoid it.

At the same time, we have those who inspire us whose lives have also grown within the same society and succeed, they now live the dream.

With such example, it is a bullet proof that we all can grow up and become that one person who inspire others in a good way, change other people`s lives, grow up to be the person that someone would love to be in your shoes.

We all can make it if only we realize how worthy and important we are in the world, stand up for what is right, change all unnecessary need to better choices, raise the bars of your success and stop pointing fingers to someone blaming them for who you are.

The choice of whoever you want to become is in your hands alone not even in the hands of your parents, guardians or anyone around. You have a right to choose and become your own master.

We are all meant to become someone great however it depends how far you want to go.

Written by Felix Massinda

Learn to become your own future

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In most cases we envision life beautifully, having a good life ahead. All that don’t easily come in our hands.

First you should know what you really want in life.

Second set goals that you have to achieve no matter what. Avoid excuses to not do it on time.

Act towards your goal with strength and determination. Place your head high.

start now.

Control your Attitude

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Motivational Quotes #371

An expression of favor or disfavor toward a thing or a person is what determines how life is or might become. We eventually make it in our own hands yet tend to put on someone else shoulders.

An example: When you wake up in the morning, getting ready for job unfortunately when having breakfast with your family, your son drops a cup of coffee on your shirt, what would be your reaction?

Would you shout to the child or go change it and continue with your day?

Attitude 3

The same way we react to small matters determines how we live our life, Might not be too impressing but it is changeable. Realize your attitude and how it affects your daily activities.

Attitude 1

At times our attitude might be affected by the environment we live or kind of people we live with in our life time however none of them reason might be the cause of your own attitude.

You are in position to maintain your attitude in your life, if keeping blames on someone else to be the reason of the attitude you now hold helps be calm, your life will always at stake.

Being or not being stressed depends on how you treat yourself. Reacting negatively to everything we face will not do you good at all instead will kill you slowly inside.

Learn to control your attitude towards your own life. Life is so precious when our attitudes are right.

Attitude 4

Facts of Life…

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I have never seen an expert of life despite many successful people i have seen and heard of. How to live a life comes with a determination someone oversee for his/her life.

Every kind of life you know hasn’t been easily achieved, struggle is always involved. No matter how long it takes to accomplish.

Same case come with a definition of success, different levels of life gets people to think differently over the same word “LIFE”.

How would you define yours?


Be your own Version of Life.

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A society is a large social grouping, sharing the same geographical or territory, typically subject to the same political authority and dominant cultural expectation however within the same society people have different patterns of relationships individually, not to forget even individual goals and expectations to life differ as well.

Different traits will be seen, the hard working group, the lazy group, the gossiping group, the high class and low class, optimistic and pessimistic people and many other who might or might not fall in your category of life. Despite the difference in category(ies), all these people will live close to you (together in the same society)

Now with all that happening, we tend to have behavior of copying what other people are doing and forget what we really are, we also at times forget what are our paths and we step on others` path because we are too scared to walk on ours or raise the levels of dependability.

It is time to learn of your abilities and utilize your potential, In this life, there will be no any other version of you, no matter what you do will always fall back to you.

There are many challenges every one faces in life, failure and being scared to try something new have always been on top to many youth, not being able to trust ourselves to initiate something our hearts desire.

At times we make excuses because we cannot make right decision or being counted for what we have in hands, we tend to step out of line to let others do what we could have done and yet blaming that life is too hard. That has to end today.

It`s time for youth to stand out and change ourselves before we change the society and be the change we want to see in the world, the world suffers and us in it, we are counted useless.

Let`s not count ourselves by the population rather by the changes we can all make in the societies we live in.

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