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There are many instances i have come over my life that i questioned myself of my identity, I understand i  might not be the only one who has gone through the same thing in life.

Getting to know yourself and being yourself are quite two different things in making. Understands who are brings you to the ideology of knowing what traits and characteristic of your true you and being yourself is embracing the identity and traits that truly defines you.

Well, back in the days when i used to find it difficult knowing who i am and understanding the my life`s purpose. It is true what they say “People might wonder in a life time without realizing their purpose” I also believe that there is no life without a purpose.

I have learned not to be so obsessed with finding a life purpose because you already have it in your hand, at times you might feel uncomfortable and reaching a time you wanna give up, these distraction always come because we forget what we hold close with us and looking for a purpose. We become so interested in living other people’s lives forgetting that we place our lives in danger.

There is no shame is being poor if its a choice, no shame of being reach if its a choice. What i am saying is ” Life is choice” whatever we decide and choose NOW defines what our life becomes, every choice that is made today makes a difference either in you alone or to someone else and that is a purpose of life.

Stop regretting what choices you have made all of your life, there is still a chance of starting afresh  and make a difference.

Stop wondering of you are because that will drift you away from who you are. You are you and nothing will change that. Learn to accept yourself, be yourself and make a difference.

What do you stand for?

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Great Piece Norryn. You inspire me

Originally posted on Writing my heart away!:

…Because, “If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.”- Malcom X

If you were to think about a time you took a stand and defended it from all corners, what could it have been? What did you do? I will save you telling the answer, keep it with you.
Now think of that other time that you didn’t take a stand yet you should have. What did you ignore then? Were there any consequences? What did you do about it?

Well, I didn’t mean to fire you with questions today,I didn’t see them coming either. It all started when I was having one of those evenings at my crib, you know? One of those I like to call my “me-time”. They usually teach me a thing or two about me. Many times I have been told by people I associate with that I am principled. At first…

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Never Loose Your Head

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Never lose your head, a matter of great practical wisdom, never to let it get away from you: it marks the great man, and of noble heart, for all greatness is hard to throw off balance. The passions are the humors of the spirit, and their every excess makes sick the mind; and if the disease escapes through the mouth, it endangers the reputation. Wherefore have such mastery over self, and be so strong, that nothing, either in the greatest fortune or in the greatest adversity, can upset you, remaining superior even to the admiration of this feat.

Source : Unknown

What if…

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What if this is the only life you ever going to have and the people around you aren’t never change… what would you do?

What if you only had one chance to embrace the moment you have been fighting for all of your life?

What if all you dream of becomes just a bizarre?

What if this was the last time to make someone you have ever loved happy yet you drop it on the ocean?

What if everything else would never be the same, the world, people, living things and every substantial things that matters to our lives?

Would you ever let your shoulders deny to be leaned on when actually people in need asked of it?

Life has so many question which actually our choices are the answers to all of them.

We have to embrace all that comes our way not to be so late to realize that when all not in our glance anymore.

Help people who needs your help, people like me who needs someone in their rescue, it might be their only chance of hope they are left with, don’t blow it

Never let your mouth be the weapon that takes away their lives instead let it be the castles that embrace them in and give them hope, shelter, love and their lives would need.

Its never too late to lift up someone, don’t waste a life for leisure, a hope for selfishness.

This is the only life we have.

A Blindfolded world…

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Along the road

i thought i could learn all the world could teach

get to explore and learn the possibility to walk

trample on water and float

i could taste every kind of food and enjoy the flavor

Feel the wind and strengthen my lungs

Yet confusion blocked my minds

blindness and frustration to understand my path

Instability of my decision affected my life changing movement

I was never alone though i discovered

too many on the same road

same destination had so many to pass through

Being strengthened by those weak they said they are

didn’t close my eyes from seeing

seeing through the china walls

cross through the thorn desert

stopped from drinking the tasteless water

and yet healthy i stood with my rights in my hands

nothing seemed wrong in spite of reading the blurred papers

that seemed in content of liberation

of many died in my fate

that i can not bare the blood of my own heart in stead

yelling at books wont do goods in serving a breath in curve of the lion

running wont strengthen muscles of the heart of speech

yet weakening the the tongue of fire

it is wise to close up fingers in a glimpse of an eye

saving a coin for the last chapter

wont fame a book in minds readers.

save a fish for the ocean`s purpose

bring a light in the blindfolded children

create a floor for the world to sit

and that would create path for the world to set

its own destiny lies in the road less travelled.

We are all human after all.

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Within one thing we all forget in life is that we are all human and equal. We all have one thing in common we all die when our time comes.


It is no different to every human being, we all breath as a sign of being alive. There is no point of thinking that you may be superior than the other human next to you.

Our time in the world is unknown for us to start bullying those who are weak, no time for war because of superiority, no time to take lives thinking that you are better than other.

Everyone’s life has a purpose in the world. Taking that away stops other people to benefit and cherish that life after all we all live once.


I am calling upon all nations, to realize that we are all human and we are no important than the others despite of wealthy.

We all need a happy life to cherish, a happy ending to face, with hope and courage, maintaining peace and harmony in the world. It is an absolute proof that we are all human who want to live happily.


A white night.


With all strifes

Still strong I stand

My head high

Ready for any storm to face

With no regret after all


Life itself is a challenge

As we all are human

The times of pushing only comes when a need is gone

Yet we surround ourselves with reasons

Maybe it was meant to be

Or am I a chosen one…


Well believe it or not

Choosing or not choosing

Is us who decide where we need to be.

After all we all need a night to enlighten.

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